Arctic Chill Raspberry Lime

Our Story

Arctic Chill is hard seltzer that is made with real seltzer, and by people who have been perfecting the art for over 135 years. Crafted with Polar Seltzer, our hard seltzers are made with natural fruit flavors and essences, zillions of tiny bubbles, and 5% alcohol by volume for a uniquely crisp, clean, refreshing taste.

Ginger Lime

We Dare to Say

Arctic Chill is the best tasting hard seltzer out there. Our real seltzer foundation combined with naturally derived alcohol from sugar cane mash and natural fruit flavors and essences results in unique recipes that are undeniably crisp, refreshing, and fruit-forward.

Body Positive Ethos

According to a national survey we commissioned, nearly a quarter of Americans have negative feelings towards their body, with 50% of the population comparing themselves to others at least once a month. We want to shift the conversation away from the pressure and toward a place of positivity. Arctic Chill was made to be a beverage you could feel good about drinking, and we want to help our fans maintain a sense of balance that doesn’t sacrifice fun or flavor. That’s why we’re announcing a summer-long partnership with international figure skating champion, Ashley Wagner, as well as the Movemeant Foundation.

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